A New Thing

As I sit down to write, I am scared.  Maybe, better said, apprehensive.  You might ask, “Why?  You have been writing since you learned your letters in first grade.  What is the big deal?”  I guess the biggest issue I have is I was not raised with computers and have always been a bit afraid that if I hit the wrong button, I just might cause the whole Global CHE Network website to crash to the demise of our computer expert.  This is my problem.  I do not think I am alone.

I believe people can be fearful, maybe not of the computer, but in differing ways.  You may not like to speak in public.  You may feel limitations if asked to bake a pie for the bake sale, and opt to buy one.  You may feel uncomfortable trying foods which you are not used to.  You may be afraid to communicate needs to your spouse.  Getting past the fear and pushing oneself to go beyond what our comfort zone cements us to is the first step and I believe what God calls us to do as His children who are made in the likeness of their Creator.

God is the Author of Newness

God delights in the new as He is the Creator of all.  One definition of the word create is “to make or bring into existence something new”.  The story of redemption is centered in changing the life of the “old man” to making him a “new creature in Christ”,  (II Corinthians 5:17).  If God is the author of newness, can you and I trust Him to lead us along new paths?  Paths which may bring challenges?

It’s Never Too Late

I recently had a painting done of our two dogs, Mollie and Maisie, by a friend named Jackie.  I knew her to be musically gifted, but never knew that she was an artist until I started seeing some of her work online.  She is about my age, (and remember, I did not grow up with computers!), so I asked her, “How long have you been painting?”  I learned that it had been only two years.  Their family dog had died and her husband encouraged her to sit down and draw a picture, in remembrance of their pet, to help her grieve.  She was fearful at first, but she got past her fear and both she and her husband were surprised at the outcome!  She now has her work in several art shows and contests.  When people see her work, they are amazed and believe they are seeing a photograph.  Not all of us are called to be artists, as Jackie, but what if she gave into her fear?

Let us learn to incorporate newness in our daily life and reflect God through new good works.