Collaboration for Change: Jesus' Way!

People, today, want to have answers without understanding the underlying problem.

I have noticed during training sessions that many participants are eager to learn about solutions and “fixes” to improve their community. However, they are often impatient when we focus on the “whys” first, and would prefer to jump to the “hows”!

But when we look into the “whys”, that’s when an “AHA” moment occurs. We realize that the closer we get to Jesus’ intentions, the more passionate we become about what His passions.

Jesus’ passion is for the Kingdom of God. During His time on earth, Jesus was preparing His disciples for the massive change His Kingdom was bringing:

  • Change in leadership style from institutional to relational (John13)
  • Change of God’s presence from temple to people (John 14)
  • Change in spirituality from outward to inward (John 15)
  • Change in warfare from physical to spiritual (John 16)
  • Change of prayer from cursing to blessing (John 17)

Jesus used every possible means and opportunity to sow the seeds of Kingdom values and the primary strategies for change: loving God, loving others, making disciples. What a change! Love was the higher way and all the peoples of the earth will be the audience. (John 21)

He demonstrated the long term change He was bringing about by performing miracles. He gave people a taste of what the Kingdom would be like when it fully came.

He created a collaborative team to lead the change process. He gave His team the tools and credibility they needed to lead the change for the Kingdom, as he demonstrated a new style of leadership, He introduced in John 13.

He strove to remove structural obstacles that prevented change by introducing new ways of functioning as God’s people~by removing the priestly hierarchy and by introducing the power of the church gathering in homes, in small groups and included women and children.

Jesus established a sense of urgency.  No one is motivated to deal with change unless they believe it is going to happen soon and will impact them deeply. (John 16)

Do you feel a sense of urgency motivating you to collaborative change? 
How have people around you had a glimpse of what the Kingdom will be?   
Please share your stories!




Dr. Martine Fritch is a member of the GCN Representative Council. Martine and her husband Jean-Marc have been living in the south of France since the end of 2013.  They travel to equip and train HCFI members, churches and mission agencies regarding CHE/NT and DMM..