The Second Wave of CHE Training for Latin America! My Personal Testimony

I recall, many years ago, in October of 1991, having a very specific dream.  In my dream, the full moon was on the horizon, but instead of the common face which we see of the moon, there was displayed the map of the continent–North, Central, South America and the Caribbean!  This dream has stood out in my mind.

In April of 1992, I received a word of prophesy saying God was going to take care of my family, because I would be traveling across the whole continent, as well as going to Africa and Russia!  Four months later, Arno Enns, the former Medical Ambassadors Director for Latin America, asked me to go with him to Ecuador to the Conference for Evangelization.  After that conference, the very first CHE Training Wave began. There is now CHE work in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and Mexico which resulted from that First Wave.

I can now see God moving even through this time of the Pandemic! God has opened doors with the Latin World Evangelical Alliance, also known as “ConEl”, with Food for the Poor, with Global CHE Network and Transform World with Ricardo Luna.  Global CHE Enterprises will be bringing CHE training with 220 ConEl leaders in three out of the eight denominations representing 500,000 churches across the continent!  Praise the Lord for this collaborative work!

We are in the process of completing an online version of the CHE Vision Seminar. We hope to move on to TOT1 whenever God will allow. We currently await the minimum international safe travel conditions to be able to enter the countries in the across the continent. We want to apply the full participatory CHE Teaching/Learning strategy in what we now call,  “The Second CHE Training Wave for the Continent.”

Pray that The Lord may keep us healthy and provide the resources needed to accomplish the planned collaboration as we await His timing.


Dr. Hugo Gomez
Global CHE Enterprises, CEO
Global CHE Network, Vice-Chairman, Representative Council
Global CHE Enterprises, Regional Coordinator