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ImageReducing Child Deaths

18,000 children under the age of five die every day from diseases that are preventable (More Details)

Many children are dying every day.

According to the World Health Organization,

  • 6.6 million children under the age of five died in 2012.
  • More than half of these early child deaths are due to conditions that could be prevented or treated with access to simple, affordable interventions.
  • Leading causes of death in under-five children are pneumonia, preterm birth complications, birth asphyxia, diarrhea and malaria. About 45% of all child deaths are linked to malnutrition.
  • Children in sub-Saharan Africa are about over 16 times more likely to die before the age of five than children in developed regions.

It is a tragedy when a newborn or young child dies. But there is good news. Most of these deaths can be prevented! And you can learn how to take steps to prevent the deaths of infants and young children.

A child's risk of dying is highest in the neonatal period, the first 28 days of life. Safe childbirth and effective neonatal care are essential to prevent these deaths. Learn how to prevent newborn deaths through our series of CHE lessons on Newborn Care.

Malnutrition is an underlying cause of death in nearly half of the deaths of young children. But there is much we can do to prevent those deaths! Learn how to prevent malnutrition and care for malnourished children through our series of CHE lessons on malnutrition.

Do you know how to recognize a child with pneumonia or malaria, or take care of a child with diarrhea? Learn how through the series of lessons on Management of Childhood Illness, following recommendations by the World Health Organization.

Let’s work together to improve the health of our babies and young children.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia, 2014.