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Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

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European Initiative

Our goal is to expand centers of operation and facilitating a CHE movement in Europe.

A short description of what is happening in Europe

Holistic missions and CHE community development are just beginning to penetrate the poor populations of Central Europe and the Balkans.  Fida International and Medical Ambassadors International first pioneered projects in Albania and Bosnia almost a dozen years ago.  In 2011 Ron and Jeannie Seck came to Hungary to recruit, train and set up CHE teams and begin community development programs among the Roma in Central Europe.  By God’s grace and direction, CHE teams and projects have now been started in Hungary, Romania and Serbia with further expansion on the drawing boards.  The network of CHE, Fida and MAI teams are now cooperating with international holistic mission agencies to accept the Transform World Million Village challenge of beginning CHE holistic missions programs in 14 countries of Central Europe and the Balkans by 2020.    

Needs and Opportunities

Victor Hugo said there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come!  The damage of long-term, aid-driven ministry to the Roma and to the poor of Central Europe and the Balkans is clearly seen, both in the exhaustion of many who work with the Roma and in the dependency-culture created among the Roma themselves.  Many in both groups see the need for a paradigm shift in strategy.  CHE is that new, biblical paradigm, the powerful idea whose time has come.

The Balkans and CE need mission workers, well-trained and dedicated to CHE strategies of community outreach and development, to come and engage long-term to take advantage of this opportunity.  Their mission will be:

  • to spread the message of holistic missions and CHE to in-country mission agencies, missions training schools, churches and denominations;
  • to train and equip those who are interested in CHE;
  • to set up national, legal CHE foundations that will…
    • implement community-based CHE projects
    • encourage, train and consult with churches, denominations and mission agencies to do effective CHE holistic ministry.

As the country programs grow, we need those who have special expertise in community health, agriculture, micro-enterprise, children and women’s issues, mental health, relevant and sustainable technologies, organization and administration.

Short term and long term goals

In April 2015 CHE ministries in CE and the Balkans will host “The Gathering Wave” in Tirana, Albania.  This conference will bring together mission leaders from 14 countries of this region as well as international partners to hear the challenge to begin holistic mission outreach and development in their countries by 2020.

The next goal will be to set up and facilitate CHE Vision Seminars with these leaders in each country.  These will lead to TOT1 training conferences.

Graduates of the training will work with their trainers toward the goal of forming the country’s CHE foundation.  They will also seek to implement community and church initiatived projects.

Our long-range goal is to have pilot projects operating in each of these 14 countries by 2020 that will be models for other agencies and communities to follow.

With the burgeoning opportunity for community development and with limited resources, our goal is also to organize a network of the CHE-oriented teams of CE and the Balkans.  This will enable us to share resources, disseminate best-practices, provide on-going and up-dated training for our staffs and volunteers and to begin our own regional national leadership internship program.


The current teams of Central Europe are organizing legal foundations; surveying and entering villages; doing evangelism, teaching in public schools; implementing village health screenings; launching seed projects, facilitating Vision Seminars and TOTs (both 1 & 2), and hosting advanced TOTs on Children’s CHE (July, 2014), Micro-Enterprise (Nov, 2014), Women’s Issues (May, 2015).
Teams in the Balkans are running micro-enterprise programs; building schools, roads and community centers; enhancing village agriculture, teaching CHE in schools and planting churches.

Contact information for people interested in joining the initiative.

Please contact Ron Seck, CHE Central Europe Coordinator at; Agron Aga (Fida in Tirana, Albania) at; or Patriot Hoxhaj (MAI in Korce, Albania) at

Any other information you would want people to have that might be interested in being part of what you are doing in Europe.

A special word to those of you who have taken early retirement:  Do you have good health?  Are you flexible?  Do you like to start new things that have Kingdom significance?  Is God speaking to you about doing a totally new thing?  Why not take CHE training and join us here in Central Europe?  Jeannie and Ron Seck were 62 and 63 respectively when they began our CHE work here.  Your expertise, experience and gifting is very much needed.