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Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

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End Gender Inequality

The Need: Women and infants around the world face overwhelming odds. 

  • Each day, an estimated 800 women and 26,000 infants die from preventable causes! 
  • Of all the people who live in extreme poverty (less than $2/day) around the world, 70% of them are women. 
  • Literacy rates among women are as low as 12% in developing countries (compared with up to 100% in developed nations). 
  • Girls are often the last to be educated and the first to be removed from school. 
  • In some countries, malnutrition affects up to 45% of children under age five, often due to lack of knowledge of balanced nutrition as well as lack of resources. 
  • Women are often viewed as inferior to men and of low value, making them easy targets of violence, neglect, and abuse. 
  • Many women have never heard the Gospel, and do not know that they are loved and highly valued by their Creator.

Our Response: Women’s Cycle of Life is CHE curricula and training that empowers CHE teams to respond effectively to the holistic needs of women. It provides practical knowledge and skills for:

  • Safer pregnancy and birth
  • Infant care 
  • Small business development 
  • Literacy 
  • Nutrition
  • Healthy relationships 
  • Biblical truth that transforms

The Results of Using Women's Cycle of Life Curricula as Part of a CHE Program:

  • Women and infants’ lives are saved. 
  • Small businesses increase family income. 
  • Better nutrition brings physical health. 
  • Literacy opens new opportunities. 
  • Harmful cultural practices are replaced with life-nurturing behaviors. 
  • Marriages are strengthened and families blessed. 
  • Women and men come to know and love their Creator and His redemptive power in their lives.

Visit one of the following member organizations and join them in the fight to end gender discrimination: