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HIV treatment (called antiretroviral treatment, or “ART”) is now recommended for all people living with HIV worldwide as soon as they know they are infected. Antiretroviral treatment is lifesaving and brings healing for people living with HIV. People can be on death’s door and return to health with treatment. Even so, ART is a treatment but not a cure. The person infected still has the virus in his or her body. But ART can turn HIV from a deadly disease to a chronic disease. A person stable on ART most likely will not die from HIV.

CHEs will become engaged in providing supportive care for people living with HIV (PLWH) who are on antiretroviral treatment. CHEs will help people stay in medical care and become stable on their medicines for life. People will no longer die from HIV and HIV transmission will be reduced in the communities where CHEs serve. CHEs will fulfill Christ’s calling to care for the sick, show compassion, and bring healing. They will have opportunity through the long-term relationships they develop with PLWH to share the gospel, bring people to Christ, and help them grow in their faith. The lives of PLWH and their families will be transformed through Christ.

The Global CHE Network and LifeRise AIDS Resources have developed a training module to teach CHEs how to provide supportive care for people living with HIV who are on HIV treatment.  This module is called Supportive Care for People on HIV Treatment.  It is available on the Global CHE Network website. Also, you may connect to a CHE HIV specialist through the Contact page of the LifeRise AIDS Resources website.

Link to HIV Specialist