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Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

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Integral Disciple Making Movements

From Individuals to Communities

Since 1936 members of HCFI have been seeking to serve the Lord in their workplace, giving special attention to the care of the whole person: physical, psychological, social and spiritual.  

The scope of the ministry has grown:

  • from hospital to health field, from health field to the community
  • from care to prevention, from prevention to health promotion.

After reaching patients and their families, we seek to train them to bring transformation in their communities and to be part of God’s transformation of their nation.

Integral Community Health (ICH) is part of the answer.

What is our vision?

To see an Integral Disciple Making Movement (IDMM) in the health field 

What are our objectives?

100 000 Integral Disciple Making Groups (IDMG) in the health field by 2025

What is an Integral Disciple Making Movement (IDMM)? 

A rapid multiplication of groups of disciples of Jesus who love God, love others and make disciples, bringing transformation in their families, their work place and their neighbourhood  

What is an Integral Disciple Making Group (IDMG)?

A group of 2 to 20 disciples of Jesus who love God, love others and make disciples in their neighbourhood, work place and beyond

What is an Integral Disciple Maker (IDM)?

  • A disciple of Jesus who loves God, loves others and makes disciples in his neighbourhood, work place and beyond.
  • An Integral Disciple Maker obeys God and makes disciples in all the domains of life: spiritual, physical, wisdom, social. (Luke 2: 52)
  • An Integral Disciple Maker is committed to his community (village, neighbourhood, work place) to bring transformation, expand the Kingdom of God and to be an ambassador of reconciliation.
  • An Integral Disciple Maker shares the gospel as Word, Works (Deeds) and Wonders (Signs) 


  • We partner with the Global CHE Network, mission agencies, local churches and individuals to train and equip 100 000 Integral Disciples Groups by 2025
  • We build bridges between hospitals and communities through local churches.
  • We seek seamless integration between integral community health and local government healthcare systems.


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