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Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

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Integral Community Health

Our goal is to assist Healthcare Christian Fellowship International and their global partners in establishing 100,000 Integral Community Health programs by 2020.

HCFI is on the Move

Since 1936 members of HCFI have been seeking to serve the Lord in their workplace, giving special attention to the care of the whole person: physical, psychological, social and spiritual.

The scope of the ministry has grown – from hospital to health field and from health field to the community; from cure to care, from care to prevention and from prevention to health promotion. After reaching patients and their families, we seek to train them to bring transformation in their communities and to be part of God’s transformation of their nation.

Integral Community Health (ICH) is part of the answer. The term ‘integral’ indicates that we consider all the aspects of a healthy community, including the physical, spiritual, emotional and social. Thus we seek the improvement and development of the entire community and all aspects of that community. Think of: relationships, health, agriculture, law, education/literacy, water, etc.

We train and equip people to bring transformation where they live.

How GCN Members Can Help

  • Collaborate and partner with HCF fellowships in the country where you serve.
  • Invite members of HCF National Fellowships to your CHE trainings.
  • To explore collaboration with HCF in your country write to:

For more information visit the HCFI web site here: