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Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

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Integral Disciple Making Movement Collaborative Project

Our vision is to equip servants in the majority and western world who are seeking to integrate Community Health Evangelism (CHE) work with intentional evangelism, discipleship and church planting known as Disciple Making Movements (DMM).

Our Goals

  • To cast a vision of integration in the DMM networks and the CHE network
  • Integration in field activities
  • Integration in training stages
  • To share good practices/stories on a platform
  • To share integrated training material for sending agencies and local disciplers
  • Integral DMM TOT (DMM and CHE TOT Integrated)
  • Key lessons and Bible Stories

The Needs

  • Groups of disciples in a community should be transformational. Meaning, first lives of disciples should be transformed, and then they should transform their local communities.
  • For this to happen, our expression of good news must also include topics like: repentance, entry and living into the Kingdom of God, forgiveness, freedom from shame, reconciliation with God and man, new life in Christ, stewardship of creation, transformation, .... Disciples need to understand the whole gospel. This gives mandate of socio-economic transformation integrated into spiritual transformation.
  • The urgency to reach the lost versus transforming disciples in Disciple Making Movement (DMMs) is both /and issue. And not either/or issue !
  • They are not saved “from” something alone. They are also saved” to” something- a new life with Jesus here on earth!
  • We must fully embrace both things   to see Disciple Making Movements that lead to the transformation of individuals, communities, people groups and nations.
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit changes lives, but we also believe that he uses tools and resources designed by God’s people with the help of the Holy Spirit, and use of biblical stories and principles in an orchestrated manner.
  • For socio-economic change, intentional strategy is required.  

Network Resources in the Light of IDMM Initiative

 DMM Networks

  • DMM equips and empowers disciples of Christ to fulfil the Great Commission rapidly.
  • From the very beginning, DMM groups are locally led, which denotes local ownership. Catalyst leaders are in coaching role, with a definite plan to exit.
  • DMM is highly grounded in the Scripture and flexible enough to the local context, keeping the core DNA.
  • DMM can be adopted to any communities around the world, literate or non-literate, rural or urban, rich or poor, men or women, or children.
  • DMM at the ground, depends upon local resources and local leadership.  

CHE Affiliate Organizations

  • CHE teaches us to live in harmony with God, oneself, others and the environment
  • CHE training helps understand transformation in a practical way. CHE training helps groups of disciples and churches to see needs holistically in their respective communities and to address issues collectively. This creates a bridge between disciples and communities around.
  • CHE model creates local ownership of the problem, and promotes to use local resources. CHE helps people from the community identify their problem and look for resources in the community and complete the project. Meaning, Local Leadership, Ownership, Resources, which leads towards sustainable development.

Some Working Definitions

  • Disciple making Movement (DMM)

Equip and empower disciples of Christ to fulfil the Great Commission rapidly. It is intentional evangelism, discipleship and indigenous church planting using Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) in communities. Being a movement, DMM is spontaneous and uncontrolled except by God and the Holy Spirit. The focus is Biblical obedience to what God is showing us through His word and taking action that results in replication and multiplication.

  • Integral
  • Integral means “of, or necessary to the completeness of, a whole” (Oxford English Dictionary)
  • While Integrated means “made up of parts”.
  •  An Integral Disciple Maker (IDM):
    • Loves God, loves others and makes disciples in his neighbourhood, work place and beyond.
    • Obeys God and makes disciples in all the domains of life: spiritual, physical, wisdom, social. (Luke 2 : 52)
    • Is committed to his community (village, neighbourhood, work place) to bring transformation, expand the Kingdom of God and to be an ambassador of reconciliation.
    • Shares the gospel as Word, Works (Deeds) and Wonders (Signs) 

Desired Outcomes and Indicators

  • Field models of integrating DMM and CHE increase
  • DMM teams working with Holy Spirit and trained with CHE principles and tools are seeing more communities being transformed
  • CHE teams trained in DMM tools are seeing disciple multiplication

Our Progress

The initiative is about promoting the integration DMM and CHE and collection stories.

How You Can Get Involved

  • Network with like-minded individuals, churches, and another organisation
  • Share stories of integration at community or regional level
  • Share potential field IDMM models as learning opportunities


For more informaiton contact the Integral Disciple Making Movements catalyst by clicking the icon below. 

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