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Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

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Avehime, Ghana

March 4-30, 2019. This internship is coming with a lot of innovation to help us adapt to the changing scenario in missions. Topics to be covered include: Training in the Transformation Strategy, Community Engagement Principles, Worldview Development, Micro-Enterprise Training, Family Matters, and Sports as a Tool for Engagement. Intentional integration of the physical and spiritual ministry methodologies will also be facilitated by seasoned community development trainers. Another feature of this internship is a tour of communities in the process of transformation and nearby historical sites. Cost is $1300 total, which includes a $100 deposit for intent (refundable after departure if there is no damage of facilities) and fees of $1200. There is limited space, with a maximum of 18 positions available.


West Africa - Ghana

  • DATES: March 4 - 30, 2019
  • Hosted by Africa Internship Center Ghana with supporting partner Medical Ambassadors International.
  • COSTS: $1200 per person. Includes boarding, local travels and training material.
  • PRE-REQUISITE: Completion of CHE TOT-1
  • ACTIVITIES: The internship will cover foundational principles and practical applications of CHE strategy. Through a combination of field work and group sessions. Activities and learning goals include: methods of participatory learning and action to engage community; messaging for transformation; focus on assets rather than needs; understanding and addressing worldview; addressing economic sustainability through microenterprise and small buisness; training in specialty themes like Women’s Cycle of Life, sports ministries, agriculture and appropriate technologies. There will be visits to several communties in the process of transformation and to a historic site. 2019 training will be in the Volta Region of Ghana. Space is limited to 18 people.

CONTACT: Dayo Obaweya, MAI Regional Coordinator
for West Africa at

East Africa - Kenya

  • DATES: August 26 - October 4, 2019
  • PRECEDED: TOT-1 - August 19-23, 2019
  • Hosted by CHE East Africa Office of Medical Ambassadors International.
  • COSTS: $1820 per person which includes training materials, meals and boarding, in country flights and
    travel, airport pick up and drop off.
  • PRE-REQUISITE: Completion of CHE TOT-1. However, we will be offering a TOT1 training the week before
    so participants can come one week earlier. Interest in wholistic/integral mission is essential and studying
    about CHE will be an added advantage.
  • ACTIVITIES: Activities are divided 60/40, where 60% of time is spent in the field learning from existing
    programs and practical participation. 40% of time is spent in class learning about different successful
    communtiy engagement strategies / activities and learning / hearing from experienced practitioners.

CONTACT: Tirus Githaka, MAI Regional Coordinator for East Africa on or


  • (Spanish Language)
  • DATES: November 4 - 30, 2019
  • Arrive Nov 3, Depart Dec 1
  • Hosted by Global CHE Enterprises and CHE Meso-America Region in Guatemala and the CHE Training Center in San Felipe, Retalhuleu, Guatemala.
  • COSTS: $850 per person. Includes local in-country transportation, room and board and materials.
  • PRE-REQUISITE: Completion of CHE TOT-1, recommendation letter from ministry director or local church pastor, application form submitted by August 30.


  • TOT 2 and TOT 3
  • CHE Servant Leadership
  • Crosscultural CHE Missions
  • CHE Micro-enterprise
  • Women’s Cycle of Life
  • Children’s CHE
  • Community Appropriate Technology
  • Field Activities: Visits for observation and practice for 3 weekends at CHE villages among Mam and Quiche cultures.

CONTACT: Dr. Hugo Gomez
GCE Regional Meso-America Office

Philippines - Cebur

  • DATES: September 1 - 28, 2019
  • Hosted by Holistic Community Development and Initiatives in partnership with Medical Ambassadors International.
  • COSTS: $1650 per person includes housing, board and in-country travel for field experiences.
  • PRE-REQUISITE: Completion of CHE TOT-1
  • ACTIVITIES: 4-week Program:
    • Week 1: Review of CHE, Committee Training, CHE Training, Mentoring, Management, Evaluation.
    • Week 2: Worldview, Culture, Microenterprise, Children’s CHE, Bible Storying, WCL/1000 days.
    • Week 3: Field Activities, Awareness Seminars/Meetings, School Screening, PLA’s Team Building with
    • Week 4: Field Activities: Agriculture/Organic Farming; Livelihood projects for the community.

CONTACT: Rhodora T. Mendoza, MAI Area Coordinator for the Philippines. Email: or