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Transform People and Neighborhoods in Cities Across the World

Are You Interested In:

  • Disciples Making Disciples
  • Multiplication of Individuals and Groups
  • Transforming a Place
  • Integrated Word and Deed
  • Ministering Deep and Wide


Neighborhood Transformation (NT) is known as Community Health Evangelism (CHE) in international ministry. Its goal is to establish a transformational ministry which brings together Jesus’ Great Commission, found in Matthew 28:19-20, and His Great Commandment to heal the sick, found in Matthew 25:36. This plan is accomplished through the training of local people.  Our focus is transformation of cities across the world.

The intent is to raise up local laypeople as volunteers who will be models and share the physical and spiritual truths they have learned with their neighbors in the home setting. The ministry is designed to be transferable, multipliable, and sustainable. After the training team leaves the area, the program continues. The desired end is no less than to transform cities, neighborhood by neighborhood, by

  • Neighbors connecting with Neighbors and building relationships and trust,
  • Creating community where there has been none or limited trust,
  • Transformed people come together to transform their neighborhood.

An Approach that Fosters Transformation 

Transformation is a permanent change in one’s attitude, belief, and behavior in all areas of an individual’s life (physical, spiritual, emotional, social) that then facilitate the same changes in others; that as an aggregate change their neighborhood from the inside out.

  • It is a people-oriented, relationship building process.
  • It is designed to identify assets within the neighborhood (found in individuals, associations and institutions), and identifies which of those assets they are willing to share.
  • People are linked around their common interests.
  • People begin to take responsibility for their own lives and then as a group for the life of their neighborhood.
  • It is based on neighbors helping neighbors, not being dependent on professionals to do things for them.
  • It is designed to be sustainable.
  • It is primarily a grass-root, bottom-up process that helps a person to act as a catalyst and facilitator.
  • It is a gradual learning process, progressing from the simple to the more complex and from the known to the unknown.
  • It works primarily with individuals and households and then impacts the neighborhood as a whole.
  • It is greater than the sum of its parts.

Transform a City By Transforming Neigborhoods

How We Might Assist you in Transforming Cities At Whatever Stage You Are at in Your Ministry

  • Where are you in the process?
  • Just beginning, you are interested in reaching out to a neighborhood,
  • You have been building relationships and ready to move on
  • You are at the neighborhood organizing stage
  • Help you look at what your church is doing.
  • Help you know if you are ready to begin to become involved in transforming a neighborhood.
  • Provide resources, training and coaching to assist you wholistically transform your neighborhood.
  • Provide over 3500 lesson plans with 85 Workshops from which neighborhood trainers can choose the lessons that the neighborhood might want to learn.
  • Act as a catalyst to help you get started and equipping your people to do it on their own.
  • Assist you in choosing your target neighborhood.
  • Do trainings introductory trainings  6 hour or 12 hours ato guide you how to get started as well as provide Small group studies for background and world view of NT
  • Coach you on an on-going basis in implementing your plan.
  • Assist you in identifying assets in the neighborhood, found in people, informal groups, non-profits and institutions, local  place and businesses

Transforming People and Place by

  • Knowing and Loving God and Our Neighbors
  • Creating Community
  • Transforming Neighborhoods from the Inside

Click the link to open a new window to check out this video on Neighborhood Transformation from CINDER.

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