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Health Education Program For Developing Communities (HEPFDC) Profile

Health Education Program For Developing Communities (HEPFDC)

464 W Laurel St
San Diego , CA 92101
United States

Telephone: 619-696-0334


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MINISTRY SETTING: We primarily minister in both rural and urban settings.

Mission Statement
To promote the highest possible quality healthcare in accordance with Biblical and International Standards & Guidelines. --Used by numerous ministries and organizations throughout the world. --Provides CHE & WHO evidence-based health promotion and prevention for the most important healthcare problems in the US and throughout the world. --CHE and WHO Evidence-Based --8 Languages --3 formats (used at all levels of care): 1. Hospital/Clinic 2. CHE Lesson Plan (Participatory Learning) 3. CHE Picture Book --Download Free

CHE Program Country:
United States