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Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

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Training Manuals


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About These Materials

These materials are part of an extensive series for use in Community Health Evangelism (CHE) and Neighborhood Transformation (NT) ministries. CHE facilitators skilled in participatory learning methods enable communities to escape cycles of poverty and live as followers of Jesus. 

Accessing These Materials

Global CHE Network members have access, via the Members Area, to download these manuals for free.  Join here!  Otherwise please contact us by email with your questions at cheglobal[at]

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Lesson Plans in Different Languages

CHE Materials are available in a number of different languages. To inquire about material in other languages, email chematerials[at]

Neighborhood Transformation

ImageNeighborhood Transformation is CHE adapted to the urban context in the West. For more information about NT, click here and visit their website. Click here to see a comprehensive list of all  NT lesson plan manuals. 


CHE Lesson Plan Manuals

Click here to see a comprehensive list of all  NT lesson plan manuals.