Jim Null

Jim Null

Technology Facilitator
Lockland (Cincinnati), Ohio

Jim has 28 years experience with Christian retail stores having served in a wide variety of roles from Store Manager, Director of Information Technology, Operations Manager to Divisional Manager.

He has served with several mission organizations since 2000 as a fulltime states-based missionary.  Today Jim serves with the Global CHE Network Service Team from his home in Lockland, Ohio as the Technology Facilitator.

Jim, and his wife, Phyllis, have a three-pronged ministry focus: globally through serving with the Global CHE Network, locally in southwest Ohio where they partner with other ministries interested in CHE, and in their community using CHE strategies to help the community flourish through wholistic Biblical approaches.  In 2018 Jim and Phyllis started a 501c3 non-profit, Metanoia Center, which serves as the public face of their local and community ministry activity (www.metanoiacenter.net).

Jim is also the president and owner of LongviewNET – a small tent-making Internet services and web development company primarily focused on meeting the needs of ministries.  He shares that he is married to his high school sweetheart, Phyllis, and is the proud father of four children and grandfather to eleven.