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Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

Data From Member Profiles To Date
Countries Communities Trainers Volunteers Households Churches Planted
128 3764 4249 22824 116740 841

Our Vision:

We envision every nation permeated with the hope and transforming power of the Gospel.

Our Mission:

We work collaboratively to strengthen member ministries and expand the CHE movement.

Programs and Projects

  • ImageAssisting Transform World and their global network in catalyzing a movement to bring wholistic transformation to a million villages.
  • Connecting, educating, mobilizing and equipping evangelicals for wholistic ministries through the International Wholistic Missions Conference.
  • Facilitating wholistic mission by introducing transformational development in Christian colleges and universities worldwide. This includes internships for students in existing CHE programs.
  • Assisting Healthcare Christian Fellowship International and their global partners in establishing 100,000 Integral Community Health programs by 2020.
  • Providing the best and most comprehensive library of lesson plans for transformational development available to the church.
  • Setting up disability models in CHE programs globally and facilitating transformational ministry among the disabled.
  • Expanding centers of operation and facilitating a CHE movement in Europe.
  • Refocusing children’s ministries in the developing world on an integral approach that serves the whole need of the child and their communities (Children’s CHE).
  • Providing for the continuing growth and sustainability of the Network through adequate administrative support, communications strategies, and diverse streams of income.
  • Empowering CHE teams globally to meet the holistic needs of women.
  • Mainstreaming community health as mission strategy by assisting in the establishment of a graduate school at US Center for World Mission.