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Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

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Coram Deo
A School for Discipling Nations

Coram Deo is not just another school – we’re a school for discipling nations. Our online courses are designed to help Christians engage their communities in transforming ways. The healing and flourishing of our nations begins with the church. It happens as we work to advance the reign of Jesus by living our entire lives in the presence of God, under the authority of God, and to the glory of God. That’s what Coram Deo is all about.

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Compassion Link Community Health Evangelism

The fourth CompassionLink webinar will be released on April 29, 2015. The webinar will be moderated by AGWM International Ministries Director Dr. JoAnn Butrin. She will be joined by two of the staff of AGWM International Ministries' HealthCare Ministries and veteran missionary, Paula Ireland, remotely from Paris, France. During the webinar, questions and comments will be posted below by viewers and responded to by Dr. Butrin and the Sustain Hope team. Please feel free to post your own questions or comments, and a presenter will respond in a timely fashion (generally within 24-48 hours). View available video titles by clicking one of the selections below.