Change in a Million Villages

Deep Change at Every Level

Change in a Million Villages

Change That Matters

Change in a Million Villages

Change That Multiplies

Change in a Million Villages

Change for Eternity

Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

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Do you long to see the world’s poorest released from poverty with real solutions that change the trajectory of their lives forever?
What if your global outreach alleviated poverty in so many villages that national governments took notice?
What if you could be part of a global network that is catalyzing transformational movements in a million villages?

What Others are Saying About Us

CHE brings together Jesus’ Great Commission and Greatest Commandments … If we apply these principles effectively, CHE will transform the way we do missions. In fact, the transformation has already begun.

CHE is by far the most effective method of wholistic discipleship I have ever seen.

Once our team received CHE training, we immediately adopted it as our primary strategy.  It has been the single, most successful “life changer” for the community.

The Global CHE Network





A Proven Strategy

We use a strategy called Community Health Evangelism. CHE seamlessly integrates discipleship and church planting with disease prevention and community-based development.

A Clear Mission

We are catalyzing transformational movements that will multiply disciples and alleviate poverty in a million villages.

A Global Alliance

We are a network of Christian individuals and organizations working together to do the big thing that no one of us can do alone – facilitating change in a million villages.

Annual Report

Download the 2019 Global CHE Network Annual Report!  Our annual report is a 15mb full-color Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Annual Report