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Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

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Countries Communities Trainers Volunteers Households Churches Planted
127 3714 4214 22650 116490 831

New CHE Lessons

You can now download and test drive some of our new CHE Lessons!  These are brand new--many are not even available on the CHE USB yet. But don't just look at the new lessons--try them out in the field and give us your feedback.

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A testimony about CHE from India

"CHE is all about holistic ministry. CHE is a totally different kind of training and the core values are challenging. Only those who have attended the CHE training they have tested it. Here, the trainer is a facilitator and it’s participatory and interactive method. Participants enjoy learning by participation, sitting on circle, writing on board the points, group discussion and presentation, interaction during session, doing skit for the topic etc. ‘Good Health’ concepts are new to many. It is in relation to God, Man and the World. interested to know and understand and learn from CHE training.

CHE training brings transformation in our way of thinking and doing ministry. It transforms the community, family and individuals in the society. CHE is a strategy, it is a ministry too. It is the best approach to enter a community and do kingdom ministry among them. CHE touches all aspects of life.

Since the health related all aspects of life and community, the trainer and CHE volunteers can easily have an access to facilitate and encourage the people for their own betterment.

We would appreciate prayer for CHE training and ministry in West Bengal. We want train 100 CHE workers.
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